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H-int Management & Consultancy

Exploitation from a different viewpoint

H-int Management & Consultancy

Exploitation from a different viewpoint

identity preserved

H-int management & Consultancy

Based on the approach that the exploitation of cultural and sports facilities can be run differently, we consult and support (local) government and foundations. H-int is a reliable partner in business, as proven by the long-term relationships with our clients.

We do think it is important that every accommodation should preserve it’s identity. But in terms of activities and use (occupation) of the complex should be expanded so it leads to improvement of the financial results.

Het turfschip etten-leur

A modern complex with a wide variety of multifunctional rooms. Users are (local) entities, the main theater hall is used for artist and performances. The combination with excellent catering makes Het Turfschip the ultimate location for (business) meetings.


local municipal accommodation Hoeven

H-int has been managing this accommodation with mainly a social function for several years.


tavern gaston

A cozy tavern in Belgian atmospheres. On the menu are Flemish dishes such as ‘Moeke’ (mother) used to make.


Want to know more?

Do you want to know what H-int Management can be of your assistance? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

temporary or long term


H-int Management provides temporary but also long-term management for cultural or sports accommodations. We are highly specialized in start-ups of multifunctional facilities, but we can also coach managers, implement a reorganization. We do this from a clear and practical point of view where we look for a the exploitation as an integral piece to come to the best solutions. This way our costs are earned back in just a short matter of time. Because of our involved attitude and efforts, we are proud to say we get many follow-up projects. Some have been our clients for over 17 years!

Multifunctional facilities

Merging different aspects and uses into one multifunctional accommodation not only provides significant financial savings because of lowering operating costs, it also leads to less use of space.

A clear vision before development is of great importance in the clustering of accommodations and multifunctional use. We therefore start with setting up a constructive collaboration between all parties involved. This should result in optimal and feasible cluster possibilities while retaining their own identity for all of the participants.

Strong management

Strong management saves a lot of costs and is important to maintain the quality of the facilities. We consult and support clients in preparing, evaluating and implementing the most suitable form of management.

H-int Management
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